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Purchase Merchandise

By buying a sticker, a drink cooler, a cap or even a pen, you are helping us raise funds to go towards “Making Memories Matter.” Of course, it also means the Fight for Connar name is getting seen by others, which all helps the cause.

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We believe in coming together to rally for, to celebrate with, to showcase and to embrace our families. Join Fight for Connar at one of our events to show your support.

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Every donation directly impacts our families. As you can imagine, dealing with a terminal illness is often expensive and consuming. All donations are put towards “Making Memories Matter” for our families.

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Fight for Connar is an example of community coming together to take action for a very worthy cause. Take the time to follow our social media pages, share about our mission and help spread the word.

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Why join the fight?

Why contribute to Fight for Connar?
It is easy to help "Make Memories Matter" for children and families who are on a journey involving a terminal illness, bring a smile to the face of a child and create opportunities for families to have them captured for eternity.
By contributing to Fight for Connar you help to assist families with the financial stresses of funeral costs.
What are the donations used for?
All donations are put towards "Making Memories Matter". Our first allocation goes to hand molds and a photography session where families can allocate a place and invite all family and friends to share.
We continue to support families through a variety of avenues including meals, jewelry, holidays, shirts and merchandise for individual children as well as gift vouchers. Finally, we support the family by helping with money towards the child's funeral.
How do we find families?

Families are referred through the palliative & oncology units at the John Hunter Hospital.

How can I personally get involved?

Contact the Fight for Connar team to find out how you can best help.

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